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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Public trust clearance interview

Instructions and Help about Public trust clearance interview

Today we have Alfonzo Alexander with us Alfonso's the chief relationship officer with naspa and naspa is the National Association of State Boards of accountancy and Alfonso I understand you're also director of the center for public trust and could you tell us a little bit about what is the center for public trust the center has been around six years and the genesis of the center for public trust was to really promote the positive because of all of the negative publicity that was out in the business and the marketplace due to the N runs the titles were calm and some of those major scandals that were happening back in the early 2022. but what we try to do with the center is promote the positive we recognize the fact that that many of the executives particularly CEOs CFOs and senior-level executives are doing the right thing and acting ethically but you don't hear or see about those individuals so our approach is to really promote those that are doing things right from an ethical standpoint as well as to educate the overall business community on how you can effectively navigate through ethical issues so that you are a business on individual leader in a business doing things the right way we have an awards program called the being a difference award that's a national award we get about four maybe five each year to individual leaders across the country who are really doing the right things from an ethical leadership standpoint individuals who have shown in their community as well to be leaders that can be trusted we make sure that we use our ethics matters which is a publication that we produce monthly to promote positive ethical leadership and ethical behavior and we excuse me we recognize companies and individuals in that publication as well also via our website Center for Public Trust org we promote ethical leadership we share strategies for ethical leadership all designed really to recognize and acknowledge people that are already doing things in the cool manner as well as to help build and strengthen others so that they can follow suit building on the success that we've had with the Center for Public Trust last year we establish the student center for public trust and our goal is to have chapters on every major campus across the country where we start earlier in the process and develop the students who will become the business leaders within the next several years and throughout the next you know a couple decades really and promote ethical leadership at that more foundational point so our objective there is to expose students to ethical dilemmas early and help them learn how to avoid some of those de lunes as well as if they find themselves by chance in a challenging situation know where the resources are to get out of them and how to respond to them in a positive way so we're promoting and.


How much is found on a security clearance background check?
Eddie Taylor answers this as to the types of information found.Given the records available to an investigator, and the questions that must be answered on the forms, quite a bit of information is available. Good investigators find quite a bit, often including things the applicant doesn’t remember or realize is available.Keep in mind that lying on the application form (usually an SF-86) or during an interview is a criminal offense. Don’t try to hide things, because that can cause you problems. One of the things they are looking for is whether the applicant has something in his/her background that the applicant doesn’t want exposed • because that would an item that could be used to blackmail someone to expose classified information!If someone has some dark secret that should not be discovered, applying for a security clearance is a bad idea.
How do I get a public trust clearance?
Individuals cannot just “apply” for clearances, you have to be “sponsored” by either a company or a government agency, which certifies that you have a need to be cleared for a specific position.So, in your case if you’re considering a job that requires it, one of two things needs to happen:you interview and get the position, then the company initiates your clearance for it.The company insists that you have to have the clearance already, which would in your case preclude you from getting the job.Luckily, a public trust level is the lowest level, the easiest and fastest to obtain, and you could probably get your interim in just a few days. “Interim” clearances are pre-clearances that let you begin a job that requires a clearance prior to the entire process being officially completed.
How do I gain the public trust security clearance?
You can obtain a public trust clearance through the application of a position requiring it such federal, state, and public health positions, along with companies that contract with governmental agencies. This type of clearance will not grant you access to classified materials or matters of national security but would allow you to operate in a position as an accountant or work within the public health sector. If you are selected for such as position, the human resource staff or external agency handling your background check will inform you of exactly what is required for the clearance.
How difficult is it to obtain non-sensitive public trust security clearances? How long does it take in most cases?
When I started in my current job, we were looking at about three months for a non-sensitive clearance. Now it can be up to a year. The backlog for inter-agency name-checks is staggering. This, I’m told, is the primary reason for the backlog. https://www.washingtonpost.com/n...
How do I reinstate a DoD, top secret/bi-security clearance for use in the civilian sector, or obtain a public trust security clearance?
a2a: I’m not sure I understand your question. A DoD clearance is for the specific purpose of accessing DoD specific information that’s deemed to be sensitive or critical to national security so as to require you to have a clearance to see it.If you’re in the civilian sector, not working on DoD stuff • then you have no need for a DoD clearance. Now, if you’re working for a private firm but on contract to DoD • then there’s no real difference in the clearance that you get or its need/use: its about the information you’ve been asked to work with, not the employer on your paychecks.Private sector companies may ask you to undergo a background check .. but i’m not really aware of a private sector non-government related “clearance” process to go through so that you can handle non military/non government information.Public trust is just a lower level clearance for government work • but it can only be granted for the purposes of a job with the government that requires it. You can’t just “get a clearance” and stick it in your pocket for later, you have to be cleared for a specific job that requires it.
How long does a U.S. federal job background investigation take for public trust level clearance?
…Do you mean“employment suitibility” SF-85 NACIa month to 19 years“employment suitibility with credit” SF-85 NACIA monthsix months minimum“Secret eligible without need to know” SF-86 ANACI“Secret eligible with need to know” SF-86 ANACI
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