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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing public trust clearance interview

Instructions and Help about public trust clearance interview

Today we have Alfonzo Alexander with us Alfonso's the chief relationship officer with naspa and naspa is the National Association of State Boards of accountancy and Alfonso I understand you're also director of the center for public trust and could you tell us a little bit about what is the center for public trust the center has been around six years and the genesis of the center for public trust was to really promote the positive because of all of the negative publicity that was out in the business and the marketplace due to the N runs the titles were calm and some of those major scandals that were happening back in the early 2021. but what we try to do with the center is promote the positive we recognize the fact that that many of the executives particularly CEOs CFOs and senior-level executives are doing the right thing and acting ethically but you don't hear or see about those individuals so our approach is to really promote those that are doing things right from an ethical standpoint as well as to educate the overall business community on how you can effectively navigate through ethical issues so that you are a business on individual leader in a business doing things the right way we have an awards program called the being a difference award that's a national award we get about four maybe five each year to individual leaders across the country who are really doing the right things from an ethical leadership standpoint individuals who have shown in their community as well to be leaders that can be trusted we make sure that we use our ethics matters which is a publication that we produce monthly to promote positive ethical leadership and ethical behavior and we excuse me we recognize companies and individuals in that publication as well also via our website Center for Public Trust org we promote ethical leadership we share strategies for ethical leadership all designed really to recognize and acknowledge people that are already doing things in the cool manner as well as to help build and strengthen others so that they can follow suit building on the success that we've had with the Center for Public Trust last year we establish the student center for public trust and our goal is to have chapters on every major campus across the country where we start earlier in the process and develop the students who will become the business leaders within the next several years and throughout the next you know a couple decades really and promote ethical leadership at that more foundational point so our objective there is to expose students to ethical dilemmas early and help them learn how to avoid some of those de lunes as well as if they find themselves by chance in a challenging situation know where the resources are to get out of them and how to respond to them in a positive way so we're promoting and.