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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing sf86 question 21

Instructions and Help about sf86 question 21

So you lied to your recruiter you got the reboot camp now what now what happens now what happens Music as you guys can see somewhat title in this video now what now what happens you know this is actually a serious issue um there was a marina recruit in Parris Island who passed away from pneumonia he never went to medical he never told anybody he was sick he tried to tough it out and he passed away man it's very very sad I've been getting a lot of messages about lying to the recruiter getting through boot camp now you're out in the fleet now what happens and just even before all that even when you're in boot camp itself I'm not going to lie back in 2021 when I went through boot camp I faced the same stuff you know I hurt my knee one of the first couple days I banged it on one of the racks when we were doing up bus trips and I got really frickin swollen right here we're in one of the ships compartment over here in this block or wreck as we like to call it because give all of their clothing and personal items required throughout boot camp I didn't go to medical for days and days and days until my knee was a freakin balloon and then I was like oh shit man like I'm so scared I don't want to get setback I don't want just want to graduate I don't want to get as mode whatever but you know I went to medical they gave me some ice they let me ice my knee you know a couple times a day and I got but I got better before beginning of this video though I also want to tell you one more story about boot camp it was right before battle stations it was right before you know our final test in boot camp that seventh week and I got really really freaking sick the day before battle stations I didn't go to medical but you know when you're sick when you got the freakin chills you have a pounding freaking headache you know you got that fever when you're freaking shivering for no reason the RT sees the journal instructors are trained to be able to notice when people are you know really hurt or when people are really sick and they're just trying to suck it up they'll tell you dude seamen stomach Catelli go to medical man give some medicine you're not going to get as mode alright I get a lot of messages about people that are you know JT I got through boot camp but you know I'm scared to go to medical because I lied about this or I lied about that let me just tell you from my freakin experience with medical in general you know in the Navy they can't even take care of their own paperwork.