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Sf86 question 21 Form: What You Should Know

Security Clearance & Security Officer Questionnaire September 14, 2024 — Question 18 asks you to list security officer(s) you communicate with, with your rank and name as they appear on the SF-86. You are considered to be on a security clearance as a matter of agency policy if you, in the judgment of the Agency head or the Security Officer or designee, possess the ability, qualifications, experience, and judgment necessary to carry out your security clearances responsibilities. 3.1. The current guidelines for the SF-86 are: 3.2. The Guidelines for Questionnaire for National Security (SF-86) 3.2.1. SF-86 Questionnaire for National Security An applicant is considered to be on a security clearance as a matter of agency policy if the agency head or designee, in the judgment of the Agency head or designee determines that the applicant's ability, qualifications, experience, and judgment are necessary for the performance of the applicant's duties in a classification responsibility area.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Sf86 question 21

Instructions and Help about Sf86 question 21

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