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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing eqip login

Instructions and Help about eqip login

I think the great has allowed us to both access and implement new electronic health record system and that's been key because we are a non-profit we don't have a lot of money to be able to devote towards technology so this is really supporting the other thing that the grant has support is we're taking a year-long implementation approach so we're really able to look at supporting our clinical staff through training and ongoing support for them to be able to really get to know the system that we've adopted we've been really able to streamline our systems and our services in terms of kind of how we're documenting we've been able to standardize our clinical documentation across our programs so we've been able to join the work that we do sort of in our in-home therapy teams with our outpatient crew practice with our school-based work we've been able to use this system to streamline our documentation and streamline our practices so the clinician is going to benefit from the streamline of information because they're going to be able to very quickly access a clinical chart clinical record for a client be able to see not just their own work but across a care team what's been happening in clinical history because we're streamlining the information we're going to have a pretty standardized way of looking at our work and representing our work so we are able to kind of follow a line of treatment planning across providers which is really important so we give some consistency in some universality to our clinical work that benefits the clients because we have less disruption in communication we have a more of a comprehensive view of what's happening for the client of what we're doing and we also anticipate that as we move into the fully implementing our electronic health record will be able to open up a patient portal so that a patient can also access some level of their own information and also contribute to information whether that be filing information about named prescription or anything that may be coming up they're going to have greater access and be I think empowered to be better stewards of their own clinical record.