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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing what kind of questions are on the e-qip

Instructions and Help about what kind of questions are on the e-qip

Hi I'm Michael from ETS today on inside the TOEFL test we're going inside the TOEFL IBT reading section specifically the prose summary questions and we'll also look at a similar but less common question type the filling a table questions the prose summary questions are designed to show that you recognize the major ideas and the relative importance of information in a reading passage in a prose summary question there are six answer choices and you will need to select the three correct choices that express the most important ideas in the passage the incorrect answer choices will misrepresent information in the passage or will discuss minor points in the real test you will drag and drop your answers into the box prose summary questions are worth two points towards your raw score you get two points if you choose all three correct answers you get one point if you choose two correct answers and you get zero points for one or no correct answers note that your answers don't have to be in any particular order and you can change your answers at any point during the allotted time for the reading section the fill in a table questions are similar except that instead of choosing the three most important ideas you will need to drag and drop your answers into two or three categories each reading passage will have one Pro summary question or one fill in a table question but not both let's look at a sample prose summary question this type of question covers the whole reading passage not just a single sentence or paragraph here's the passage about meteorites and dinosaur extinction and here's the question now let's look at each of the answer choices to see which three are correct answer number one isn't supported by any of the information in the passage so we know that this one is not correct answer number two is a factually correct statement but identifying the specific date when something happened generally doesn't qualify as one of the most important ideas so this one is probably not correct but let's look at the others to make sure for answer number three the reference to the crater Tycho is used to give a sense of the size of the crater that struck the Yucatan however the topic of meteorite activity on the moon is not a focus of this passage answer number four combines several facts that together pra summary of an important idea from the passage this is supported by information given in paragraphs 2 & 3 answer number five is about the effects of meteorite impacts which is an important idea of the passage we can see this in paragraph four where it talks about the mass destruction from the cold darkness and fires and in paragraph five where it talks about the catastrophic results answer number six is another important idea that is stated in a similar sentence in paragraph five what.