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  2. Use your indications to submit established track record areas.
  3. Add your own info and speak to data.
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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Sf-86 online

Instructions and Help about Sf-86 online

Hi my name is Nicole Smith I'm an attorney with Thole ranked ep LLC and I'm here at today's cleared jobs fair what I like to talk to you about is how your contacts of foreign nationals can affect your continued eligibility for security clearance the concern that agencies have when you have contacts with foreign nationals is number one if that foreign national contact were to ask you for some type of protection or classified information whether or not you would actually be willing to prthat information and then number two if that foreign national contact were to come into some type of trouble in the country that they live in such as some type of detainment by foreign law enforcement or foreign intelligence agency would you be willing to assist your contact your foreign national contact by providing classified information or protected information not every contact with the foreign national is problematic specifically circumstances that the agency will evaluate are number one what's the nature and the relationship of your contact with the foreign national it's just incidental contact that's in passing that will obviously be reviewed more favorably than a contact with a family member they will also want to know what is the occupation that that foreign contact has so for instance if the foreign national contact works for a foreign law enforcement agency a foreign government or foreign intelligence agency that will be problematic and then number three what is the quite country that that foreign national contact lives in for example countries that are hostile to the US or countries that have poor human rights issues are going to be viewed less favorably by the agency ways to mitigate your contacts with foreign nationals or at least the best way to mitigate is to show that your ties to the US are much stronger than your ties to the other country or the foreign national contact ways to show that are number one how long you've been a US citizen if you weren't born in the United States how long you've lived in the US again if you were not born in the United States the types of jobs that you've had so a continued employment with a US agency US government agency or US government contractor will be viewed more favorably for you how many family members you have in the and then also any assets that you have in the United States certainly they'd want to see that your assets are high in the United States so that you do have assets that outweigh any loyalties that you might have to a foreign national.


Do top secret security clearances check social media?
Do top secret security clearances check social media? What is police verification for government jobs? Army recruiter has told me that he can get me through to a job with Top Secret despite past credit issues, is this true or will I find out the hard way at MEPS? What's involved in Developed Vetting Security Clearance? If one does not already work for a government agency or for a defense contractor, and one wishes to apply for a position that requires a security clearance, how does one do this? Most job posting require the applicant to have an active clearance. How much time will it take to perform a background check? What is it like to have a parent working at the CIA? What is an SF-68 form?
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