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You welcome I'd like to welcome you to this first seminar on the department of defense directive 52 20.6 today's topic is very important it's one of the most prevalent and frequently cited allegations against people seeking a security clearance and of course I'm talking about guidelines B and C under the director of 52 20.6 if you don't have that directive please call my office and there will be contact information contained in this seminar for you to call us and we'll be pleased to send you a copy of the directive part of the problem for most applicants is that they don't read the directive and they don't understand it and that's what we're going to talk about today my name is Allen Edmonds and I've been a licensed attorney for over 34 years I've handled and helped national security applicants around the globe and have written a book and taught many attorneys in this area of law it's a fantastic area of law and the good news for you today is that if you are from another country and you're working in the United States and you've applied for a security clearance I don't want you to give up you can win these cases my law firm wins them all over the United States and Europe and we post many of these victories on our website so if you haven't done so please visit our websites and they will be also listed in this seminar but national security clearances calm and security clearance denial calm are websites that contain a tremendous amount of information for you and it's free and you can also look at the cases scroll through all the cases on those websites and you'll be amazed those are the cases where I've helped men women get their security clearances they started out with the security application on their own they lost the initial decision and then they called my office and things changed and you'll also see some testimonials on that site because really what we're talking about here is something much larger than getting a security clearance we're talking about your career and I have been fighting for your careers across this country of ours and in Europe and in Asia for over three decades and I love representing people that are hardworking and can make a valuable contribution to this society but in my opinion are being arbitrarily denied a security clearance so let's turn to the instruction because guideline B and guideline C which is foreign influence and foreign preference are very significant and important sections in the directive as I said earlier they're the sections that are used most frequently by the government to stop you from getting a clearance the directive contains a tremendous amount of information and this directive applies not only to some of the DoD the sections but it also applies to other agencies and that's important for you to understand the Department of Energy.