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Instructions and Help about Security Clearance Form

Just about 12% of security clearance applications are rejected by the defense industrial security office and Office of Personnel Management considering the thousands of applications processed 12% may seem low but if it's your application the hassle of resubmitting forms combined with the delays could be a major headache and affect your ability to get to work on a clearer job site I'm Todd Reichert and this is clearance jobs TV a facilities security officer generally reviews applications sent by their employees and prospective employees but they won't catch every issue it's up to applicants themselves to review the paperwork and ensure every detail is complete here are the top 10 reasons why security clearance applications are rejected number 1 not listing the requesting company as your current employer even if employment is contingent upon obtaining a security clearance if that company is sponsoring your clearance request they should be listed as your current employer number 2 incomplete information on debt and bankruptcy request a free copy of your credit reports before you complete your sf-86 and chase down any details you might be uncertain about number 3 this is where The Devil's in the details the request ID number on your equip application must match the request ID number on your releases this means all of your paperwork needs to be in order be sure to review your application your release forms and ID numbers before you submit them for missing Selective Service registration information just because you didn't register or if you're unsure it isn't a reason to leave this blank if you don't remember your number you can get it from the Selective Service System by calling 847 688 68 88 or by going online at WWF gov number five missing certification or these forms just because they're at the end of the packet doesn't make them less important not signing your release forms means your application can't be processed number six missing information on relatives born abroad foreign-born relatives alone aren't a reason for your application to be rejected but not including information about them is numbers seven and eight are leaving out Social Security numbers for a spouse or cohabitant there's no excuse for this one make sure you have this information and include it in your sf-86 nine missing information on a former spouse whether your marriage was 48 hours or four decades amicable or messy you need to fill out contact information for your former spouses in your application number ten missing references a security clearance application requires many references not filling them out not an option pull up your address book or your Facebook friends list and find the individuals you need and include their information the first time and here's a tip give them a heads up they may be contacted by a security clearance investigator all these common reasons for rejected clearance applications come down to your attention to details filling out an SF 86 take serious time and.


Why didn't Kushner have his attorney fill out his security clearance forms correctly the first time?
I think number one, was that Jared Kushner does not want to fill out the questionaire completely. He knew he had a, ahem, troubled past and that past would flag his application. Two, you have to fill it out, ultimately, yourself. You must certify, under penalty of perjury, it is true and correct. The lawyer could not know for sure what is “true and correct” except by taking Jared Kushner’s word for it. Third, I am not sure it requires a lawyer. The form is straight forward, you tell them what they want to know. There is no negotiation and there is no strategy (unlike tax forms, for instance, where what you do can reduce your taxes.) For a clearance, you tell them what they want to know. Obfuscation is not a legal option. I filled out one and it was a long time ago but it wasn’t that hard. Unless you have a problem!
How bureaucratic is the United States Armed Forces?
In order for me to travel over a four day weekend outside a certain radius required:Three copies of a DA31 leave and pass form properly filled out and signed by three peopleA vehicle safety checklist that required an inspection of my car (regardless of whether I woukd be using it) and showing proof of license, registration and insurance.A printout of my planned route from Mapquest.A printout of the Drivers Safety Instruction and Training Web site showing that I answered questions correctly.A DA Form 4856 General Counseling form that informed me of my responsibilities and the impact failure to adhere to the regulations and limitations could have on my career.All of that, in order to go on a trip. This isn't for actual leave that would be credited agsinst my earned vacation days. This wasn't in order to excuse my absence from work for a day. This was in order for me to travel on my day off.This was something I had to do as a E7 Sergeant First Class with multiple combat deployments, nearly 20 years of service (at the time) and the responsibility of the health, training, welfare and discipline of 30 men and equipment in excess of $20 million. We're talking armored vehicles, complex communications systems, high security clearance, huge guns and optics to make the night turn into day.So, yeah, there's a bit of bureaucracy.
How do I know if I have security clearance?
As a general rule, you’ll remember the dozens of pages of paperwork you filled out in the form of an SF-86 or SF-85. But if you’re not sure (common for some military enlistees who had to fill out a lot of other paperwork), here’s more information on how to check on your security clearance status: How Do I Check on My Security Clearance Status? - ClearanceJobs
What's something you should never reveal about yourself to your coworkers no matter how close you are?
It is not a secret if more than one person knows about it.I am a naturally private person, yet I worked in an office once where one supervisor befriended another just to get her betray confidences to the director, in hopes of being the one on top. It backfired, but it was humiliating for the other supervisor.Even though you may become very close friends with your co-workers, too much fraternizing and cozying-up can lead to upper management percieving a lack of professionalism at the very least. And, of course, the "friend" may stab you in the back when both of you are competing for a promotion.Topics which should be off limits:My crazy college days: Even if it was over 20 years ago, acts of drunken hedonism, vandalism or even worshiping the porcelain god call into question your judgment and work ethicCheating or stealing: A rags to riches story, even if you had to steal food or pawn a computer to survive, will call into question your integrity.Being on welfare: Kudos to anyone who made it through that hardship, got an education and now has a responsible position. Unfortunately, you may have a lot of co-workers who never had to struggle in life like you did. Some may judge you harshly from a narrow lens, especially a supervisor.Recovered alcoholic or drug addict: Again, some may judge you harshly from a narrow lens and feel you cannot be trusted.Marital/relationship problems: This will lead to another perception you cannot handle responsibility. Many years ago, I worked with several gals in a retail store. One would come in every day and complain about having to get high to sleep with her husband. She was in a miserable marriage and needed to vent, but it got her fired.Workman's compensation: Never brag about receiving benefits, calling OSHA on a previous employer, filing grievances, serving as an expert witness against a previous employer or talk about anyone else who has done those things. Do not even speak favorably about anyone who has been a whistleblower. I know someone who has been permanently blacklisted at a large state agency because he or she talked about being an expert witness against a large telecommunication corporation 15 years ago.HR is not your friend: HR exists to protect the best interests of the company. They might appear to be your friend because once they got rid of a bad supervisor. The truth is, if it was easier to scapegoat the victim, they will. It is all about what will cost the company the most dollars, never about justice.This may sound cynical, and there are exceptions to every rule, but in the working world, you are going to be up against the best and the worst of human nature. People need their paychecks to feed their families and maintain their lifestyle. The majority will not risk their jobs to take the higher ground in the support or defense of a co-worker.
What is the job in the military every soldier wants to avoid?
The army is really good at sucking the fun out of even the most pleasant activities. Mountaineering, parachuting or a hike through the forest could actually be fun, but not in the military!Therefore, the short answer to this question: In the military, you should avoid all the jobs.Of course, there are some activities that are particularly unpleasant. These include:In the barracks: weekend duties, such as guard duty, everything that involves cleaning, in particular, weapon cleaning, and “technical service” (vehicle maintenance).In the field (in peacetime): digging foxholes, guard duty, especially at night.In combat: to be the first man in the column, the so-called "point man". This is the soldier who is the first to be shot at by the enemy or to step on a mine.Surprisingly, there are always some soldiers who are keen on doing exactly these jobs. If you have someone like that in your group, never question their motives! Just shut up and let them enjoy their activities.Translated from German Antwort von Roland Bartetzko auf Welchen Job beim Militär will jeder Soldat möglichst vermeiden?
What happens after the SSB?
After getting recommended you get flooded with calls of your friends, proud parents, jealous relatives and long lost acquaintances.Then you fill shït ton of forms, 4 sets of 20 or so pages to be sent to IB/CBI, MH where medicals will be done, commissioner of police HQ of your district (if you're the one who has shifted base like 4 states in the past 5 years, then fill 4 more sets, one copy will be sent to each police HQ you've been to) and MOD HQ.Then you breathe.. Let the feeling sink in that you may be a gazetted class I officer with a shiny crisp uniform, top level security clearance, and the nation of 1.2 effing billion dependson your services.By this time 2 WhatsApp groups have been formed for this ssb, one of recs and another of the ones who couldn't make it. You'd be in both, as you're the friendly kind who treats every one equally, whether rec, s.o or c.o.Then you get grilled, shame (?) yourself in front of few uniformed nurses and uniformed doctors, lying naked a few times to get every single artery counted for before they recommend you again- this time medically.If all goes well in medicals, you go back to where you came from, feeling that- after few months, I'll be in academy sporting a “katori” cut, updating pic of that on social media, a before and after comparison of you're a little extra by nature, whine about losing them curls and locks and again the cycle of calls, comments, and likes will follow boosting your inner self to the max.Then the cruel bïtch will land- merit list!Warning- a little down hill ride ahead.You'll search for your name, going down you'll find some from your batch, your heart will race! You reach the end of it, you use ctrl+f, nothing happens, you ditch it cursing the technology how it fails you sometimes.Then you'll go through it again and again! No your name isn't there!You say to yourself, wait for academy to resume, someone will drop out then there will 2nd merit list and then you'll be called specially.You day dream of that cut, those messages, those stars and stripes..Academy resumes, a month passes by, but no call, no name again.That's how dreams shattered thrice for me.P.S- if you get your name in merit list, the scenarios are there in the above text to read through.Hope it helps.
How do you get government security clearance?
I’ve answered this in detail, but the short version is in the United States, you cannot apply for a government security clearance unless you have a sponsor.The sponsor can include:Government organizations/Military: CIA, FBI, NSA, Department of X, Navy, Army, Air Force, Marines, etc.Government Contractors: Examples include Northrop Grumman, Boeing, Lockheed MartinOther similar groups that I might be missingGovernment security clearances are given out by the Department of Defense.Shantanu
What is it like to go through airport security in Israel?
In short: Nail biting and interesting.This happened on 27th of June, 2022 i.e 2 days before!I was bit surprised there were no check while I was entering Israel. While exiting the country I had the experience of a life time. I have been to US, UK, a few EU countries, UAE, Singapore but never seen or experienced such kinds of security checks.Short background of me and my trip: I am an Indian national who travelled to Israel for 10 days with my three German friends.There are many security stages you have to pass through before boarding the flight when entering Ben Gurion airport. I explain three main stages which I find interesting.First, our car was asked to stop at the entrance check post of the airport. The following questions were asked,Her: Where are you guys from?We: GermanyHer: Can I see your Passports?We: *shown*Her: what is the purpose of your visit to Israel?*toldHer: Where did you go in Israel?We: Tel aviv, Jerusalem, Eilat and many placesHer: How long were you guys in Israel?We: 10 daysHer: are you flying back to Germany?We: YesHer: So where did you go in Israel?We: *in our mind “didn’t we answered the question before?” but we repeated the answer.Her: Alright, have a safe flight.Now at the check in area, my German friends went ahead of me. They were asked many questions but they were cleared and went to check-in subsequently for the normal baggage scanning. When it was my turn, she received my passport, then asked,Her: What is your father’s name?Me: *saidHer: What is your mother’s name?Me: *saidHer: Where do they come from?Me: IndiaHer: What holidays do you celebrate?(*I think she wanted to know my religion )Me: Christmas, Easter and New Year.She browsed through my passport and she stopped at UAE stamps. I had 6 entry and exit stamps!Her: Why did you visit UAE?Me: My brother lives there.Her: what’s his name?Me *toldHer: Does he live alone?Me: No, he is lives with his wife.Her: What’s her name?Me: *toldHer: What company does he work for?Me: (I forgot the name of the company so I said something)Her: When was last time you visited UAE?Me: June 2022 oh sorry actually November 2017.Her: Oh November 2017?Me: Yes!She went to her supervisor she said something, her supervisor came to me and told me “Sir you are late to the airport. You have to go through yet another check. I can’t assure you that you can catch your flight”. I looked at my watch, I had more than one hour and quickly realized, I am going to be ripped! Then she pasted world renowned flashy yellow 6 sticker on backside of my passport.(*picture copied from google)When it was time to pass the real security, the airport staff escorted me to the right after she saw my yellow barcode sticker, she also asked me my flight time. I told her “in an hour”. She raised her eyebrows with a shrug.A gentleman asked me to empty my pockets and take off my belt, put everything on a tray. Then I was asked to take all of my electronics out of my carry-on bag, laptop, camera, batteries, chargers and all liquid items and he put it in a baggage scanner. With pockets empty, I passed through the metal detector. Nothing was heard, so you see I was not a threat? But no. I still needed to pass a second round X-Ray scanner. Before that he asked me to bring all the scanned trays and my small cabin luggage to a table and brought few more trays. He started to empty my small backpack and cabin trolley bag while he asked me to take a seat in front of the table.At this time, I saw an Egyptian guy (from his passport??) being searched thoroughly. He was wearing thick ripped jeans. Officers suspecting he was hiding something beneath his jeans. He was patted many times yet the officers were not convinced. Then a tourist looking guy -something like in the picture below- came into security area and spoke with full authority. Yeah he was an undercover officer. I saw him speaking through a microphone hidden beneath his t-shirt. For his part he took the guy to a small room and came out with the jeans. They kept the jeans for three scans and finally they were convinced and let him go. But I was bit petrified and hoped I would not have to go through a strip search.(*from google)Then they called me. (‘Yeah it’s my turn!’) Went through the x-ray scan and a few pats on my shoulders and my arms. Thank god I was clear, time for my belongings. They used an explosive material detector to scan every single item. Seriously, every single piece from my bag. My headphones, charger, camera, books, souvenirs and even my underwear. He switched on 6 detector machines to accelerate the process so that I can get my flight. Tens and twenties of green signal from the detector did not dispel his doubts. He used the explosive detector over 50 times unwearied. Still unconvinced, he collected some stuff like camera, toiletry bag, charger etc and put it in the scanner. Finally I was cleared, he asked me to hurry up to the gate as my flight will depart in 15 mins. He told me he already spoke with the flight crew so they would let me to board the plane. Thankfully the shuttle bus which brings passengers to the flight was waiting with few passengers on board.I adored my time in Israel, though I received a "6" passport sticker at Ben-Gurion and intense security check!!
Is the “If women ruled the world, there would be no wars” perception accurate?
Do you remember her..Myra Hindley and others such as Rosemary West and Aileen Wuornos - they are women and known as some of the most evilest people on earth.Heard of a female serial killer called Karla HomolkaShe was jailed for raping and murdering her sister and two teen girls. She lured the victims into a car and with the help of her man, raped and killed them. She was never charged for the murder of her sister so justice wasn’t really served. Not a lot of people know that part. She struck a deal with the prosecutor.Heard of Nannie Doss? Known as the “Giggling Nanny….A serial killer who killed 11 people. in the 1920s. Just look at her, you won’t think it would you?We can go back further to Gesche Gottfried who went on her killing spree between 1813 and 1827..She murdered 15 people, using arsenic. Like Nannie Doss, she liked killing her own family and also believed to have killed her children, her parents, her husbands and her finance. She mixed the arsenic in the food.How about the Blood Countess, Elizabeth Bathory?Serial killer in 16th century and beginning of 17th century. Hungarian noblewoman. She tortured and killed up to 650 girls and young women at her castle in Cachtice, modern Slovakia.Her nickname came about due to her liking to bathe in the blood of her victims because she believed it would help her maintain her youthful looking skin.You can see more, 25 evil women in this video…So no, the wars will continue, as well as the killings, so will a lot of evil in the world. Nothing will really change.Best you put the pedestal most put women on away and burn it to the ground.The world with its darkness will continue even if all the countries were lead by women. Nothing will really change because women, though there is differences biologically, they are same as man - a human being.When it comes to emotions like in situations of divorce, then get ready for your assets to be gone, manipulation using even the children, and the system will help them too.If you put a gang of women together who are average looking and walks in a hot sexy woman who is very attractive, you’ll see the claws come out.All that talk about “We are feminist” is out of the window.Even now you see feminist women bitching about each other, slandering each other, calling each other sluts.So women can also can get ill, diseased, fucked up, become psychopaths, Narcissists, killers, evil, jealous, possessive, revengeful, greedy, envious and cold as ice, without mercy and even with passion in enjoying inflicting pain onto others.
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