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Instructions and Help about Security Clearance Form

Just about 12% of security clearance applications are rejected by the defense industrial security office and Office of Personnel Management considering the thousands of applications processed 12% may seem low but if it's your application the hassle of resubmitting forms combined with the delays could be a major headache and affect your ability to get to work on a clearer job site I'm Todd Reichert and this is clearance jobs TV a facilities security officer generally reviews applications sent by their employees and prospective employees but they won't catch every issue it's up to applicants themselves to review the paperwork and ensure every detail is complete here are the top 10 reasons why security clearance applications are rejected number 1 not listing the requesting company as your current employer even if employment is contingent upon obtaining a security clearance if that company is sponsoring your clearance request they should be listed as your current employer number 2 incomplete information on debt and bankruptcy request a free copy of your credit reports before you complete your sf-86 and chase down any details you might be uncertain about number 3 this is where The Devil's in the details the request ID number on your equip application must match the request ID number on your releases this means all of your paperwork needs to be in order be sure to review your application your release forms and ID numbers before you submit them for missing Selective Service registration information just because you didn't register or if you're unsure it isn't a reason to leave this blank if you don't remember your number you can get it from the Selective Service System by calling 847 688 68 88 or by going online at WWF gov number five missing certification or these forms just because they're at the end of the packet doesn't make them less important not signing your release forms means your application can't be processed number six missing information on relatives born abroad foreign-born relatives alone aren't a reason for your application to be rejected but not including information about them is numbers seven and eight are leaving out Social Security numbers for a spouse or cohabitant there's no excuse for this one make sure you have this information and include it in your sf-86 nine missing information on a former spouse whether your marriage was 48 hours or four decades amicable or messy you need to fill out contact information for your former spouses in your application number ten missing references a security clearance application requires many references not filling them out not an option pull up your address book or your Facebook friends list and find the individuals you need and include their information the first time and here's a tip give them a heads up they may be contacted by a security clearance investigator all these common reasons for rejected clearance applications come down to your attention to details filling out an SF 86 take serious time and.